linear ball bearing rail

Using a linear ball bearing rail to promote smooth movement of equipment makes the work of fire fighters a lot easier. The rails are designed to provide greater linear motion, which is important in fire and rescue operations. The rails are essential for guiding load, supporting external forces and for bending movements.

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Slide-Out Fire Equipment Trays

Firefighters take many tools and equipment to fire and medical calls. All of these are mostly stored on the sides and the back of the fire engine. Thus, most rescuers prefer slide out trays, swing-out tool boards and roll out electrical equipment as the linear ball bearing rails make it easier for firefighters to extend and reload the tray.

However, care should be taken not to overload the equipment tray as the rails have a limit of load that they can carry. There are two types of load limit. These are static load which deals with the safety limit of the balls to prevent deformation. The other is fatigue life which is caused by the deterioration of material used to manufacture the rolling exteriors of the balls.

Slide- out pump

The main function of a fire engine is to carry water in a tank or draw water from a source such as drop tank, fire hydrant, lake or swimming pool. Fire engines carry different types of hoses to put out fires. When responding to a call, the firefighters will immediately slide out the hoses which are typically located directly under the pump panel. These are put in the open and are easier to get off to fight a fire. However, they might also need to use other types of hoses to handle a stronger fire. Since the pipes are rigid to prevent collapsing, they tend to be heavy. The ball bearings make it easy to slide out the large pipes on the engine side.

Using linear ball bearing rails in fire engine slide-out pumps has additional advantages that include:

-Providing reduced friction, linear movement.

-Receiving loads in all directions and providing high accuracy linear movement.

-Providing steady and low coefficient friction.

-The covers and wipers on the bearing rails protect the slides in harsh environments.

-Easy maintenance due to the low-running cost.

-Fire Generator Module

Experienced fire fighters know that taking lights at a fire rescue scene can be a matter of life and death. That's why most fire engine trucks are loaded with a generator. The linear ball bearing rails allow them to easily remove the generator from the storage compartment during an operation.


Firefighters use a variety of lineal ball bearing rails to meet diverse needs. Since they produce a low level of friction and heat, they are perfect for use in fire engines, providing a cheaper way of improving motion and avoiding slip-stick during rescue operations. For specific applications, manufacturers could offer lubricants, accuracies, special coatings, and custom designs. Maintenance- free applications are also available for users who don't like to deal with maintenance issues.